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Top 10 Points Before Buying A New Laptop in 2021

Hi guys, what you should look at when you’re buying laptops. And if you guys recall, in the last couple of months, I’ve tested tons and tons of laptops, and I still get a lot of requests from you guys to review this particular model that particular model, and simply not possible to review every module that comes out. But here, I am going to talk about 10 broad pointers that you should look at when you’re buying a new laptop. So let’s go over those points. And the first thing that you should look at and this is very important, is actual screen quality of the laptop. And how would you know that, God, if you go to the manufacturers website, for any model, they will mentioned, the sRGB values of that, what do you say laptop screen? Generally, if it’s a low end screen, it will be around 45% or less, the higher the better? Yes, of course, you will simply not find what do you say 95% or 99%? on budget oriented or mid range laptops.

But even if it’s, I would say, What do you say, budget oriented mid range laptop, anywhere, at least about 60 to 65% is good enough, I would say second thing that you need to look at is apart from this sRGB value, just open the laptop and tilt the screen of the laptop and see if the color is shifting. This is a big problem that I’ve noticed, with many of the budget laptops, if you look at the screen from a particular angle, it looks very good. But if you just tilt it a little bit, then it starts to fade away. And this is very bad that I’ve seen in many laptops. So again, if you’re watching reviews, look at that, ask the person who’s reviewing does it exhibit huge amount of color shifting? Yes, they will be some amount of color shifting, that’s okay. But again, if it does be huge, then it can be an issue. So this is very important. Also, again, this is not very important. Let’s say you’re buying a laptop, some of you might want to have what do you say a touchscreen functionality on that. So check if you want that touchscreen functionality is there. Also, if you notice some laptop screens have a Mac screen, some are very reflective, there’s a sort of reflective, the reflective is not an issue if you’re working indoors like this. But if you’re working outdoors, a laptop that is having a matte screen is way better because this does not reflect that much. And also look at the amount of brightness, it can go the maximum brightness of a laptop and Next, the higher it is better for outdoor visible indoor.

Generally what I have noticed in budget oriented maeterlinck laptop 250 nits to about 300 and this is okay if you’re working in those not a problem at work. But if you’re mostly going to use it outdoors outside higher than 300 nits is advisable 303 50 or even 400 nits is better that we will it’ll be easier to watch it. Also again this is not very important. If you want to write a staff. If you are a teacher or something then look for a laptop that comes with a stylus active stylus then you can write down short notes and do stuff like that. Also this is important particularly and this is important.
the flex in the body of the laptop. Generally I’ve noticed this is an issue in many of the Windows laptop. And particularly in very low end laptop. For example, if I recall one of the avatars raw laptop that I had tested, the build quality was very bad if you just do the laptop like this abuse to flex. So again, make sure if you just don’t put a lot of pressure Don’t try to break it. But if you just put slight pressure, it should not flex that is also very important. Because over the years this will be important if it just flexing if you even apply a little bit pressure in the long term it will give you a choice. Another thing that you have to look at is the hinge quality here many of the cheaper brands are cheaper makes don’t have good hinge quality is the hinge study or not. How do you know this for example, if you’re just working on a laptop, and just doing typing regular typing, this shouldn’t work well. If it is wobbling, that means the hinge quality is not good. That is also very important. This is generally not a problem. If you go with reputable companies but if you’re going for very cheap laptops, I have to test this issue on that. Next thing is keyboard again, this is something important if you type a lot the feel of the keyboard and the key traveled What if we have generally in Windows I would say a pretty good I do not like the keyboard quality on the older Mac’s. Now Apple also
this butterfly key mechanism to key travel is bad. So again, look at the key travel also if you type a lot this is important for people who type a lot the keyboard should be actually could.

Also another thing is regarding the fan noise when a laptop you’re working on a laptop, every laptop will get warm when you’re using it. But let’s say if you’re just doing normal casual office work
writing emails, doing some word processing, some Excel sheets and stuff. And this scenario is a normal laptop fans should not come because the fans are blowing continuously, then it is very, very irritating. So again, also make note of this with normal user, yes, if you’re doing heavy tasks like video editing, gaming, etc, the fans will come that is normal, but they shouldn’t come on always when you’re doing this light task. Also, if it is happening like that, that means the thermal efficiency of the laptop is not good, it’s not calibrated well, and you will get irritated. Generally what I’ve noticed this issue happening only in lower end laptops. And also, if it’s a reputable brand, these companies are making laptops for 1015 years, they know how to reduce that they have better quality fans and stuff. So again, make note of this. Also, this is a very important thing that many people forget just looking at the specs. Does the lab laptop, van, come always when you’re doing even casual work, if it comes that you will get irritated and obviously because the fans are running all the time, the sound is there. Also battery life will take a hit. Thanks thing is fingerprint scanners these days, we are seeing a lot of fingerprint scanners in many laptops, mid range and above. That’s a good thing. But not all fingerprint scanners are good. This is a high end Asus laptop. And if you notice the fingerprint scanner performance was very good. For example, on my what is that Acer swift five, it also has a fingerprint scanner. But the quality of the fingerprint scanner is just not that good. I would say it works about 80% of the time. So also look at that. Now next thing is really important is that if you’re buying a new laptop, now in 2020, make sure it has an SSD SSD is are way faster, they can boot up windows in just about 10 seconds, any app you load, within a second or two, they actually load for example, offers will load in less than two, three seconds. So everything looks very snappy. But if you’re going for a laptop with a normal hard drive, everything will slow down and everything will look slow. I know if you are having a requirement of very high storage, look at laptops that have a hybrid solution. For example, I have seen some laptops having just a 256 gigabyte of SSD, but they have a one terabyte SSD. So look at that kind of a solution. But I would insist that look at a laptop that has SSD The performance is just blazingly fast every day usage will be way way faster if you have a SSD. So if your new laptop that you’re buying right now has just a normal hard drive, I would not suggest that. Next thing is upgradability of many of you keep asking me about this and I would say yes it’s nice to have Ram upgradeability But again, if you’re looking for thin and light laptops like this, this is the interview series laptop, sorry processor, and this is the Lenovo flex five that has the AMD ryzen u series processor.

Generally these are thin and light laptops so they have to use series processor and what I’ve noticed is that if laptops are having that new series processor, the RAM is generally not upgradeable on them the RAM is actually soldered. This is not the case for every laptop, but I would say 95% of the UCS laptops are having ram soldered. So again, you can’t upgrade the RAM if you want ram upgradable t then you have to look at the gaming series of laptop generally most of the gaming series laptops, actually you can upgrade the lab but the thing is that gaming laptops if you know are a lot more bulkier above about 2.2 or two 3.3 kilograms, the standard light can be as low as one kilogram, this is just about one kilogram.

So again, you have to weigh the pros and cons if you travel a lot then you will prefer obviously a Ultrabook but again, if upgradability is a very important part you want to upgrade the RAM moving forward, check a laptop that supports that and generally most of the gaming laptops will do that. Next thing is and this is again now because it’s 2020 Also make sure the laptop that you have has a USB type C port on that and you will find actually, most of the laptops these days we’ll have at least one USB type C port, but check if it supports charging ladder because not a lot of laptops actually supports charging by that and if your laptop supports that USB type C charging it is very convenient because these days many of the smartphones have the USB type C charger, that way you can just carry one charger and you can actually charge your laptop in fact I can charge this laptop this as USB type C charging with a mobile charger that has fully charging so that is also important if you are looking for that court portability and but again make sure it has a USB type C at least a normal one also because we are getting a lot of peripherals going forward that are USB type C.

Next thing is the battery capacity of laptop every laptop battery capacity will be different. And this is generally what are what I’ve noticed generally in the budget oriented low end laptops, they will have battery capacity as low as about 30 watt hours to about 35 watt hours. And I would say it’s okay. But again if you are expecting huge battery life with that you will Get, I would say, if you’re looking for great battery life, look at a laptop that has a battery capacity of around 50. What are generally many of them are hovering about 45 to about 55 watt hours. So again, that is also an important thing. Again, if you want that, over 10 hours or something, look at some laptops that have even 70.

What are battery. So again, this is also an important area to consider. And many people don’t look at this when they are buying a laptop. And lastly is
the processor that you’re going to use. And that is let’s first talk about Intel, then I’ll talk about the AMD processor. If you’re buying a new laptop right now, in 2020, I would say I was just browsing Amazon. And I was shocked to see that they are still listings for laptops for the older, what is an Intel processor that a seventh, or even eighth generation, please don’t buy those laptops. These are actually old right now. The latest one is the 11th generation those laptops will be starting to be there are a few laptops available. But by next month, a lot more laptops will be available even in the Indian market.

But currently, I would say right now, the one study we’re getting a lot is the 10th generation into one. So the 10th generation is okay, but the latest is the 11th internet entry level generation Intel processors that you’re getting. So just don’t buy the seventh or the eighth generation. It’s just sad that I see a lot of listings on Amazon, and the processor used as Intel seventh generation each generation and people are still buying it. So be careful about that. And if you’re buying a new laptop with the AMD ryzen processor, if you can, I would say go with the 4000 series of the processor. For example, the 4500 you or the 4700 you these are the latest and these are very powerful. You will also be getting some laptops with the older 3500 D or 3700 you but these are slightly older processors. So again, this is regarding the processors, I won’t get into the AMD versus Intel.

If you guys really want me to make a video about that, I can do that. And also, if you guys really want I can make a video about what I have noticed the main difference between what do you say regular Windows based laptop versus MacBook Air. There are some areas where I would say still the Mac goes ahead, but there are a lot of areas where I feel windows laptops, go ahead. So if you want a video about that, let me know in the comment section below. And again, stay tuned to my channel I will try to actually test out some of the new one until 11th generation processors laptops based on that that are coming out. So anyways guys, that’s it for now. Take care guys

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