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Snapdragon 888 Explained Chip for your 2021 Smartphones

Hi guys, this is rungy then in this video let’s talk about the new Snapdragon 888. Soc that was just announced. And if you recall, guys, the current flagship SOC that we use on Android phones by Qualcomm is the Snapdragon 865. So next, the logical move should have been 875. But Qualcomm has named this one is the Snapdragon 888, not even 875, or 885, but 888. And I think so they did this, to showcase that they have improved this chipset quite a bit.

And the big highlights is that it’s still an eight core processor. But again, it’s using the new ARM Cortex x one chip as the prime chip. Again, it has some major improvements in the new DSP It has also the GPU, that’s Adreno 660. GPU is supposed to be almost about 35% faster, that’s a big percentage leap, I would say. And also the ISP, this is the first ISP, that’s a triple ISP, we have seen a dual ISP, that’s meeting the processor, but this one has the world’s first triple ISP. So let’s break it down the various components of this chip, and let’s have a closer look.

Because, of course, we will be finding the the Snapdragon 888, with the new flagship Android smartphones that will be coming in 2021. So let’s look at it. And as you can see this first image, this gives you an idea about the chip itself. And if you notice this red color, we have this new ARM Cortex x one chip. And if you compare it with the older stamp Dragon 865, they also actually we had one higher clock chip that was known as the prime code here, this is the prime code. But this is a very different this is the first time actually, we are seeing ARM Cortex x one chip by Qualcomm.

And if you notice, this is clocked at slightly higher compared to the other core, that’s clocked at 2.84 gigahertz. But we were expecting about three gigahertz, it’s still at 2.84. But the big improvement is that if you notice, here, the case is actually a massive one megabyte into cache. And if you compare this with the Snapdragon 865, they are the prime core. If I remember how just 512 kilobytes of cache, the cache has doubled. And you might say what is this, this is actually important. With processors, the data has to move a lot faster, otherwise, the processor will sit idle. Hence, by doubling the case, I think so they are able to migrate this. So hopefully, in heavy applications, it will be a lot faster. And in fact, if you look at the other cores, first, let me broadly divide, it’s actually a octacore. That’s eight core chip, again, divided into various, we have four highperformance code.

The first one is that Prime core, as I’ve already mentioned, that’s based on the ARM Cortex x one, then we also have three powerful codes that not clock as high as the prime code that clocked at 2.4 gigahertz. And this is based on the new ARM Cortex A 78. And again, the case is here also doubled guys, it’s 412 kilobytes of LTE with earlier Snapdragon 865 if I recall, it was just 256. so here also the case has doubled. So you should see a huge improvement. And also going to the architecture This is based on the new ARM Cortex A 78. If you recall the Snapdragon 865 was ARM Cortex A 77. So here, we should see an improvement about 15 to 20%. On this one.
Moving to the low performance core dollar energy efficient course, we are still having the ARM Cortex 855. Here, we don’t see an improvement. In fact, last couple of generations, Qualcomm has been doing the same thing. So the ARM Cortex A 55 is the same. Now I’m going to another a big deal is that if you recall, the Snapdragon 865 did not have integrated boredom. And these vendors had to actually purchase it separately. That is the x 55. This is not the case with earlier Qualcomm chips. And that’s the reason one of the reasons that many vendors said that the Snapdragon 865 chip is a lot more expensive. Now our Qualcomm is back putting the What do you say modem within this chip itself, and they have gone with the new x 60 modem. This is the third generation of their 5g modem and has improvements like new carrier aggregation. And if you look at this image, as you can see, they say that as it’s now a part of the SOC itself, it will consume a lot less power.

If you recall. Obviously we don’t have a limit of wave here in India, about many Western youtubers used to complain that on 5g specifically on millimeter wave. The battery life of these smartphones was just not that good. Qualcomm says that now with this x 60 chip with the Snapdragon 888 even for the millimeter wave the battery life It won’t be that much. And in fact, it also has improvements to the sub six gigahertz five And this is actually very important because across the world most What do you say 5g vendors are opting for the sub six gigahertz. And they have, what do you say, carrier aggregation and mixed match of TDD and FTD with the six gigahertz band.

So again, huge improvement for 5g implementation. And now as this is a part of the SOC, I am hoping that the overall power consumption should be a lot better for the X 16 modem. Now, another thing is that, with the 660, they have also improved the Wi Fi, yes, we have Wi Fi six, even on the Snapdragon 865. But guys, if you don’t recall, it does not support the next generation Wi Fi, six e that is Wi Fi, six e enhance, that’s going to come out in 2021. And this actually supports the Wi Fi six E, and the claim speeds up to about 3.6 gigabytes, we will be seeing a lot of what do you say new devices in 2021 with Wi Fi six this, this is enhanced wi fi 6am. Also readings. So this chipset does support that. And now let’s move to the What do you say? DSP, that’s the new hexagon 780 DSP on this one. And as you can see from the image here, also Qualcomm says that they did huge improvements. And in terms of for trillions of operations, and that’s calculated via that, they claim that the Snapdragon 855 did about 15 trillion operations per second. Whereas this AD AD will be capable of doing about 36. So significantly improved, I would say. And because of this, they said that they have made huge improvements in AI operations, they claim about 43% faster in AI operations. And these days, it’s becoming a lot important all this AI operations, cameras, users, a lot of other features actually use that. So it will extrapolate a lot of things. And in fact, in terms of AI, that is the TensorFlow. And all those things, they are saying that you can get about two X to speed. And one important thing is that they say that this new hexagon, that is the DSP is more power efficient, it’s almost three times more power efficient compared to the older counterparts. And this is a huge for a mobile phone. They say that it’s about three X, what do you say, more efficient per watt. So hopefully, they should help get us more battery life for the same operations. And in fact, for the shared memory that is required for these AI operations, they say that they have improved it 16 times that’s huge. So AI operation, tensor flow, and all those things, ai computing, and all those things that are happening a lot on these smartphones will be a lot faster. And now we are getting the new Adreno 660 GPU. And Qualcomm claims that this is about 35% faster. This is a huge leap guys. But generally, with every generation, we see a performance leap of anywhere about 15 to 20%. But here they are attending about 35% improvement for the GPU. At the same time, it is 20% more power efficient. So again, I feel in terms of the What do you say GPU, Qualcomm has done a great job. And this also supports lpddr five, this is not new, even the older 865 did support lpddr fi not a lot of vendors used it, most of them use the DD lpddr four. But if I remember LG phone three, use the lpddr five, but here, the lpddr
five can go up to 3200 megahertz. And Qualcomm say that if OEM actually bundles lpddr, five, they should see significant improvements. So let’s see what we get. And now let’s also move to the ISP that’s made signaling processor. And we have the spectrum five at ISP with this one. And this is actually we have seen buel ISP is, but this is the first triple ISP that we are seeing. And Qualcomm says this is the first in the world. And they say that the chipset is capable of using all the three glaspy at the same time. So what can we do? Let’s say if your smartphone has three cameras, let’s say a regular one wide angle and zoom. Technically speaking, when you click a picture, it can shoot capture all the data from all the three cameras simultaneously. And they also say it can shoot 4k videos simultaneously from three different cameras. So this opens up a lot of what do you say opportunities, it will be interesting to see how these smartphone vendors take advantage of this triple ISP. And yes, it should also help in regular fotografie. And Qualcomm specifically says that this new five ad ISP also improves the performance and low light. So hopefully, what is a camera performance in low light will improve with this new ISP. So to sum it up, I would say Qualcomm has made a lot of improvements in various parts of the SOC. It’s not like they just did work on one part. That’s why it thinks that they’re calling it the Snapdragon eight here instead of the Snapdragon 875. And I would say, if we need to summarize this, this is the first implementation of the cortex x one chip, that is the prime code that they’re using, it would be interesting to see how it performs because it’s supposed to be a very powerful chip and the combination with the ARM Cortex A 78, also, as they have now moved to find nanometer process, it should be a lot more efficient. If you recall the Snapdragon 865 was based on seven nanometer process from PS cm. Now, actually, they have moved to five nanometre. And this is like the Samsung fabrication, Samsung is actually manufacturing it on the five nanometer node. Also, we should see general improvements because of the enhanced AI, as they have told it has improved drastically. And I’m also curious to see what these various smartphone vendors will do with the camera because now they have the option of that triple ISP, for example, I think so some vendors will play around with that Samsung does that single take so they can do a lot more things. I’m also curious to see what vivo and Oppo will do, because those vendors actually do concentrate a lot on camera. So we will be seeing a lot of improvements in the camera area with this one. And I would say in GP performance, as we said, you should see about 35% improvement. So again, high end gaming at the highest graphic setting should not be an issue. So overall, yes, it’s an improvement. We don’t have any benchmarks and stuff but I think so by early 2021. We should be saying flagship Android smartphones with the Snapdragon 888 chipset, it’ll be interesting to see how much of battery savings do we get? That is a question that we will know only when we get hands on with this new smartphones that are coming with this one. But what do you guys think about the Snapdragon 888? chipset do let me know in the comment section below. And guys, if you have any questions, let me know. I’ll try to answer it. Also do follow me on Twitter because these days, I’m spending a lot of time on Twitter. That’s Android Kiki Ranjeet Anyways guys, that’s it for now. Thanks for watching. This is Ron G. And I hope to see you in my next video.
Take care guys.

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