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Mi Robot Vacuum with Mop Review (2020 Model) Pros & Cons

let’s do the review of this me or Robot to vacuum that have been actually using for the past two weeks, what do I feel about this one. And guys, if you recall, I actually had the original me vacuum that was about three years old. Again, watch that video, because I feel it’s very close to that in a lot of areas, I thought that this will be a huge improvement compared to that one. This one actually can do mopping that the old one could not do. But the mopping is very average. But before I give you my verdict, and what do I feel about this? Let’s have a look at this. And I’ll break it down between what do I like and what are the things that I do not like So guys, this is the vacuum. And here it actually has a sensor. So it just does not pump and stuff. It just goes it knows. And it actually has too many waves.

Here also the we have one more sensor and show you when we switch it on this actually scans the area. And if you go here, bottom, again, we have some sensors here and this brushes there. And you can also actually remove this and clean this area. It actually the wheels go up and down. As you can see, this is a good thing. But with a wet mop, I don’t like it and show you the wet mop. Also later on the web wet mop actually attaches it to the back of this one. And again, as you can see, it has a lot of sensors, you’re here you’re here, so that it knows where it is going. Actually maps it. Uh, one thing I don’t like is that I don’t know why Xiaomi did this. As you can see, first of all, it’s in black color. And this is a glossy plastic that they’re using constantly, you have to wipe it becomes so dirty actually, with hand stains, I don’t know, very poor choice of the glossy plastic using nano vacuum cleaner. Coming to the whiteboard, we have this accessory and you get these actually two, you can just take it on here on this like this, and this goes back and you attach this onelike this, it’s attached. Now you have the vet mopping option, but you just can’t use it like that, you have to also change this internal tray.
that does come back and use this one, this actually here, you can fill in water in this one. And this is a two in one tray. And you have to put this one and say thatwith water tank has been installed. So now you can use that mopping functionality. So you have to change this. And removing this is very easy.

Just press two and take it out. I would say the dry cleaning stuff is a lot better than the wet mopping. So guys, it’s charging my dog. And you can invoke it via the smartphone app, or you can just press this and start cleaning it.
And it actually scans the whole area so it knows exactly where it is using all its sensors. So it will just scan the entire room and do the cleaning. As you can see, let’s see now like
let it go a little bit away from the charging dock. And I’ll give you an idea. Let’s say I just want to pause it. And I wanted to go back to it stop automatically, I can just pick this and pause it. Oops, yeah. And if I press this home button,
it should go back to the dock to charge it takes a couple of seconds about 30 seconds for it to go back to the dock. But if you just leave it on the auto mode once the cleaning is done, it automatically goes back to the dock. And this works almost 95% of the time I would say unless you have lifted it manually, then it gets confused.

As you can see now I found the dock
And this works about 95% of the only time it does not work is that if you’re manually lifted the vacuum cleaner, then it gets confused. And now it should start charging automatically starting to charge as you can see. So guys are doing the dry cleaning. And as you can see it does really good on these hard floors like this. And the cleanup is actually really good. It picks up even minute third dust. Yes, it does take quite a bit of time that is something that I noticed. But one area is that it’s trying to actually climb this
and it might have difficulty as you can see. So this hasn’t improved from the 2017 model. As you can see, if you have small I was expecting that this was
Improve, sometimes in this dry mode, it actually goes up. But if you have that wet mop, it simply does not climb that area. As you can see, it will try to climb this area. But if I have the wet mop, it can’t even climb up this area, so and get stuck.
So that is one con that I have noticed, if your house has some elevations like this, it might get stuck in some areas. So I was expecting that this new model would be better than the old one. That is not the case. So guys, with the app, you can actually control the speed. So let’s do that. By default, it will tell you just press it like this without using the apple all this started standard. So this is the sound.
This is standard guys sound. Let me go to the silent mode. Now.
This is supposed to be the silent mode.
And let me just switch to the medium mode now.
Definitely a lot louder.
And finally, let me go to the turbo mode. Again, it gets stuck, as I’ve told you.

The turbo mode
makes quite a bit of noise in the turbo and medium. Let me switch back to the standard. This is the standard.
And finally, this is the silent. So this is not the most silent Roomba vacuum I would say. So guys, now I have put the What do you say vacuum and mop one and even the mop attached here. So I’m going to actually walk in via the app. So let’s see the vacuuming and mopping, you can also just put it for this mopping. While this
about this will give you an idea about the mopping, it actually rotates a couple of times.

As you can see, the word bobbing, it’s very lightly, it does dries up very quickly. But this is how it does it. But in Hindi we call it puja. Don’t expect very high results with this one. And I’ve also noticed that sometimes it actually the nozzles get blogged and got bombed after about eight days, so I had to clean it. So you’ve got to be careful with it. But this is the mopping thing as you can see very lightly, it does get dried up also not very much wet.
Very light thing. I will say this will not replace your total poacher kind of a thing. But you’re in a pinch, yes, it does this, and you might have to fill in water for your whole house, what I’ve noticed is that I can do about half of the house with a water tank.
So guys, we also have this Me Home app and using which you can control this and setting it up was a pain it didn’t set up for the first time I had to die three or four times. And it actually maps your complete area and you just swipe here, you get to all the options. For example, you can go to the vacuum vacuum and mop. If you have a task that only mop option, you can also adjust the speeds. By default, it will be always on standard and water level, I don’t have the water tank attached. Otherwise it would have shown here also, and you can just press this and start it The advantage is that you don’t have to be in the same room.

I’m just gonna pause it. As you can see the applause.
Hit dock so to go back to the dock
so you can control it. And the advantage of this is that maybe you are in your office or whatever, you can remotely start it. So that is the big advantage that you have with this app on this one. So guys to give you an idea how much it cleaned up, it actually this is twice that have cleaned this house and this is the dustbin. So let me just remove just open this up. A bit tricky always here. And as you can see this much less I’m just going to put it here. This is an MP as you can see right now.
And this is it so it picks up a lot of fine dust also, it’s not like it doesn’t clean I would say 95% of the cleaning is actually done and you don’t feel that dust etc when you walk on the floors. So to conclude guys, the dry cleaning on this one is actually really really good. So it actually takes a very minute Dustin stuff so that’s good. Yes, it does take its time sometimes. I’ve noticed that sometimes it takes 20 minutes, sometimes even 30 minutes, but the battery life is good and never in the middle actually went back because the charge was low or something like that. So in that area, it’s actually good. But coming to the cons the vet mopping is not that good or just namesake guys. The vet mopping just just goes like this. So if any sticky dirt or something is there, don’t expect that it will wipe so that porch I feel

Want to do it you will have to do it manually. It’s just namesake I would say that VIP mopping. Also when you attach that with mopping, it simply does not climb stuff that was a little bit disappointing to me. So overall, it’s nice, but considering the price at now which Xiaomi has launched, I had ordered this pre ordered this and I got it for 18,000. But now the retail pricing is about 25,000. So again, that is something that you have to note. Also, yes, this model street does make quite a bit of noise
in the vacuuming, and this is disappointing because I was expecting it the noise to be a lot lower. It’s almost the same one noise level start was on the earlier 2017 models that I had. In fact, my dad has a life vacuum cleaner that was about 21,000 it’s not as intelligent as this one I would say but that in terms of noises we remain silent than this one. So it’s a good product but guys, I would say I’m having mixed results with this one and at 25,000 I feel Xiaomi certainly charging quite a bit of premium for this one. If it was just about 20,000 it would have been a better deal in my Frank opinion. Anyways guys, these are my Frank thoughts about this one. What do you guys think about the same? Do let me know in the comment section below. And guys, if you’re still not subscribed to this channel, hit that subscribe button. Anyways guys, take care Catch you later.

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