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How to Use Signal Private Messenger App

Hi everyone, in today’s video, I want to show you how to use the signal app. It’s a private messenger here that you could use on your iPhone on your Android devices on your iPad. And he even has applications for Mac, PC and Linux. It is not yet supported on Chromebooks though.

So let me show you exactly how to use it and why you would want to use it here. I have it on my iPhone, I’m going to go ahead and open and walk you through the signup process. First, let’s do that. And here, I’m going to press Continue. And I should mention one of the reasons why this has become a very popular messaging app is because of his dedication to security and privacy. It is end to end encrypted just like most messaging apps are, but it’s also an open source app, you could actually see the code for the app if you want it to. And that’s one of the reasons he got a lot of attention recently.

Let’s go ahead and enable some permissions here. So we could actually get this going on our phone. So I could give it access to my contact, I won’t do that in this case. And you do need a phone number here to sign up. So it doesn’t have to be the one on this SIM card. But it does have to be a valid phone number. This is the verification process of your account, because it’s going to send you a message. So type out your phone number here based on your country, and verify your account with the code. And here you do least need to type in a first name, but you don’t have to type in the last name and press save.

Now you also need to create a four digit PIN. So I’m going to type that out here. And this is the home page of the signal app. Now a lot of people ask me when I make these kind of app videos, why do they need another messaging app, I already have WhatsApp, I already have iMessage on my iPhone, why do I need signal is just an alternative to those apps. So if you already use WhatsApp, this is just an alternative to WhatsApp for sending photos for sending videos for sending text messages. And to do one on one or group voice calls and video calls. So here on the homepage of signal is really really easy to use, you could click this icon right here to go ahead and get to settings and change your profile picture if you’d like to add a profile picture yet.

But to send a message, all we have to do is press the pencil icon right here. And then we need to go ahead and give it access either to our contact, which I did not do yet. Or I could find people by their phone number and send them an invite. Now, if they don’t have signal yet is going to ask them to download the app. But I’m gonna ask someone that already has the app, you could always create groups here too, I’ll go ahead and find someone by phone number, type in the number here. So I already send them a message here. But basically, this works like any messaging app down here you have your message box, click this, you could type out any message here, your message will get typed out. And then you could go ahead and press send just right here. Again, if you’ve used WhatsApp or messenger or any other apps, you’re going to be comfortable using this. If you press the plus sign is going to let you send photos here. So you could give it access to your camera. Or you could send gifts and many, many other options are available here. So if I give it access to the camera, I could go ahead and take a picture. And then I could go ahead and press it and send it to them. And they’re gonna receive this picture in high resolution. And then some of the other options you have, you have this icon right here, which lets you install stickers here and send stickers.

And then you have your camera again, which gives you access to your camera, your phone’s camera, which you have some options here with taking pictures or rotating the camera using this icon, or turning on flash. Again, this depends on your phone. And let me press X. And you also have the microphone option here to get access to your microphone and start and record a voice message as well. So sending pictures, recording and voicemail sending text messages, all right here within an individual text message. This works the exact same way with a group message. And you can also use this as a video chat or an audio chat platform. Besides sending messages, let me show you that if you go up here, there’s a video icon and there’s an audio. So if I press video right here is going to start a phone call and the other person is getting the phone call. If they press answer, you’re going to be able to see their screen. I’m just using another phone here. So I have two different accounts in the same place. So I could show you from both angles. And my video is just showing up right here in the corner anytime I could tap on it.

And I have some options down here again, turning on or off the camera. So you see what that does here. I could go ahead and turn them back on if I want. I could mute or unmute. I just have it on mute right now because it’s creating an echo. I could hang up here and I could flip my camera and this is the video chat right here that we could use. I’m going to end this call here.

And to do the audio chat is the same exact thing, you just press, this option right here is going to call that person and then when they pick up, they have the same option. And I could go ahead and turn on my video here too. I’m going to go ahead and end this. Now let’s go back to the homepage. And now, all your messages will show up over here. This is very, very similar to WhatsApp if you’ve ever used that before. So they’ll show up all over here. So anytime you want to restart a phone call, you could just click this and jump into that call or that conversation. You also have the search bar here, you could search for people on this section as well. And I didn’t show you this option, the camera option, if you click this, you could get access to your camera at anytime outside of using a message. So I could go ahead and take a picture here, and then send it as a message here. So I could select new message, type on my message. And then I have some options on top for adding text and cropping and even saving this image. So you could use this as your main camera app here. I’m gonna press Send. And again, it’s going to show you a recent chats here, you could search I’m going to choose my recent chat. And then I’ll press the Send icon on the bottom. And it’s gonna send that image to them. So I started with the pencil icon like I typically would start a message, I use the camera icon so I could take a picture and send the message that way. You could also record a video on the same page, if you press and hold he sees recording a video. So here’s a video, I could go ahead and send this instead brings me back to the exact same page, you can see I could trim the video up here, the beginning and the end of it here and type on my text here if I want or just press send with the arrow, and then it’s going to send that video to that person. Anytime you could press on hold down on a message. So I just press and hold right here, I could give a message a reaction. So if I want to give it a reaction, I could choose any one of these reactions, I could delete a message, copy it, and go ahead and forward that message here. And let me show you how to send a disappearing message, you could actually send messages that disappear after a certain amount of time. And you could even set that time. So let’s jump into the phone again. So right here sending disappearing messages. If you just type it out here, nothing’s gonna happen, it’s gonna send a just like the messages and the pictures have been sending. So we do have to turn something on. And that’s this icon right here, press it. Now with that conversation, you could go ahead and turn on disappearing messages here, I’ll go ahead and turn it on and then you get a slider message disappears after one day. Or if you come all the way in the beginning message disappears after five seconds. So one week or five seconds, that’s your range. And anything in between here. So let’s do five seconds here. Now we could go back among their set to disappearing time. So I’ll type out my message. And I’ll press Send. And you can see a little timer is going right here and just like that the message disappeared. So that’s really useful sending disappearing messages. This is something that Snapchat came up with years back and now it’s part of the signal app as well. And that’s your introduction to the signal messaging application. I hope you find it useful. I post these videos on this channel every single week, introducing you to new apps really useful apps that I find some are really popular some you may have never heard of before. So if you found this one useful, please subscribe, give it a like and I hope to see you next time.

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