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How to Transfer WhatsApp Business Messages From iPhone to Android

So you have just bought yourself a shiny new phone. But now you have a problem, you have switched from iPhone to Android, or vice versa. And you don’t know how to transfer your WhatsApp chat history from one phone to another. And that’s exactly why I’m here. Today I’m going to show you a brilliant tool from wondershare known as WhatsApp transfer that can solve your problem.

The app allows you to transfer your chat history directly from one phone to another from iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to Android, Android to iPhone and Android to Android. And it’s also capable Backup and Restore tool for a range of chat apps. iPhone users can also backup their messages and then selectively restore or copy to their computer file attachments, individual messages and chat histories. So now let’s see how this tool works and what are the feature it has to offer.

After installing launch the program and select WhatsApp transfer from the main menu, the tool will launch in its own separate window. WhatsApp transfer offers tools for backing up and restoring messages. Plus, it supports transferring WhatsApp messages directly from one phone to another. Now if you have a WhatsApp business account, don’t worry. This tool got you covered as it also supports WhatsApp business natively. Now if you have an Android phones that it needs to be placed in USB debugging mode, the app provides handy step by step instructions for a wide range of models, including Samsung, Sony, HTC, and Motorola as well as instructions for different versions of Android from Android 2.3 onwards.

Once done, connect the phone to your computer via its USB cable. Now if you want to transfer WhatsApp data from an iPhone, then you will need iTunes installed in your PC before connecting your iPhone. Once this is in place connected to your computer via USB cable. When prompted, click trust on your device to get WhatsApp transfer access to the phone. Your old phone should be listed on the left and your new phone. The one you are transferring the messages to should be shown on the right. If this isn’t the case, click the flip button to switch them around. Once you are happy click transfer you will be warned that the process is destructive. You will use your new phones chat history in favor that data currently on your old phone. If you are happy to proceed, click yes now follow any prompts if it pops up. Also make sure to upgrade WhatsApp to the latest version on your target phone. When done.

Click OK to continue. Once the transfer is complete, you should find your chat history has been successfully transferred, along with any file attachments. It is as simple as that WhatsApp transfer app also lets you backup your WhatsApp messages. Along with any photos, videos and other files you have received. Simply click backup WhatsApp messages, select your phone and click Next. From here the process is largely automated. You may be prompted to update WhatsApp and Android users may have to temporarily disable any internal backup setting within WhatsApp itself.

Once complete, your backup will be displayed in a list along with any other backups you subsequently take. helpful information about each is displayed, such as the time and date it was made. The trial version allows you to backup your phone’s messages and content plus preview them in the restored social web browser. But you will need to purchase the full version to transfer messages and media from one phone to another or to recover data from backups whether to your new phone or your computer. The full version of this tool costs from as little as 21.9 $5 for a personal 12 month license spending up to five devices and one computer and a lifetime license is just 29.9 $5 and family and businesses license are also available. So guys, that’s it for this video. Hope you have enjoyed this video a lot. If you do, please hit the bell icon and like, Subscribe, share this video.

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