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Best Laptops Under 80000 in India 2020 Laptops Under 80K 

There are a large number of laptops to choose from in the price range of 80,000. You can even get an old MacBook Air for that price. But then why get one of those when you can get even better. And that’s exactly why we have put this list of best laptops under 80,000 that you can buy right now. So guys, this is Silvana Khan and let’s start.

So the first one in our list is HP omen. HP Omen is a perfect match for gaming lovers with its powerful Nvidia GTX 1650 ti graphics card. The HP Omen has earned the top spot on our list of best laptops under 80,000. The laptop has a aesthetically pleasing metallic body, the metallic chassis design looks premium, and at the same time featherlight the backlit keyboard coupled with easy to use touchpad makes your tasks easy to regulate the heating of the laptop. It has been equipped with Omen Tempest technology, three side venting and five airflow make sure that your machine remains calm. during heavy multitasking, HP has opted for the ryzen processor rather than the traditional enter code. The laptop is powered by an AMD ryzen 546 h processor that has a basis speed of three gigahertz the hexa core processor is coupled with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 ti that ensures a smooth gaming experience.

The machine has been fitted with an eight GB DDR RAM and 512 GB SSD storage. The ram can be upgraded to 16 gb which can be a good option if you are looking for upgradable gaming laptop talking about the display of the device. It has a 15.6 inch antiglare Full HD screen that has a refresh rate of 60 hertz. The thin bezel of the display gives a sleek and stylish look the laptop, the laptop comes with 52.5 water lithium ion battery that can last up to six to eight hours on a single charge. The fast charging support ensures that you juice it up in a quick time. This laptop is a perfect buy for the gaming lovers and if budget is not a concern for you, then you can go and grab this machine. So the next one in our list is a Seuss zenbook 14 A Suzanne book 14 comes with nano edge technology. The laptop has a sleek and thin design that catches the eyeballs at the first glance, the laptop has a metallic chassis which is thin and light. The build quality of the laptop feels sturdy and you can trust it. While spending your hard earned money. The laptop comes with a new edge to edge key mode design, which paves way for extra function row improving your productivity moving towards the processor of the laptop. It has 10th generation i 51035 g one processor that can clock up at a maximum speed of 3.6 gigahertz the quad core Intel processor has been fused with an integrated USD graphics the laptop is fitted within eight GB RAM and 512 GB SSD storage that can help you to do your day to day tasks easily. The RAM is not expendable, but still is ample for this boot function of the laptop. The laptop has 14 inch integrated LED backlit display that has four sided nano edge technology.

wide viewing technology in the display ensures immersive viewing experience from all the angles the battery performance of the laptop makes it one of the best laptops under 80,000. The laptop has 67 watt hours lithium polymer battery that gives a battery life of up to eight hours. Battery life can vary according to the model for usage. with eight hours of battery time and premium Intel Core processor. This laptop can be an ideal buy for you. Overall the device can be a handy buy for you. So the next one in our list is a Soos tough a 15 our favorite laptop launched a few months back, a Seuss Duff a 15 has been well received by the users with a rugged gaming look and powerful ryzen processor. The laptop has topped our list of best laptops under 80,000. The laptop has a radiation axe design that is sleek and lightweight. The chassis of the laptop is top notch which is coupled with strong build body you get a precision touchpad with multiple gesture support. The backlit keypad is one of the highlights of the machine with w SD highlight key and one zone RGB backlighting, the laptop is equipped with an AMD ryzen seven processor that can clock up to a speed of three gigahertz AMD ryzen processor ensures the smooth performance of the machine during
Heavy multitasking for gaming geeks, the laptop has dedicated NVIDIA

GeForce GTX 1650 g DDR six four GB V RAM that can help you to play high end games. with ease. Talking about the ram capacity, you get eight GB RAM that can be expanded up to 32 gb. The laptop has one TB HDD plus 256 GB SSD storage capacity that is ample enough to store all your data in one place. So moving towards the display of a su stuff gaming a 15. It comes with 15.6 inches of full HD display that has a refresh rate of 144 hertz. That display has an adaptive sync feature that ensures a smooth gaming experience. The display has a low sRGB color rating which will affect the brightness and color production so it is advisable to consider this factor while buying the laptop. As you all are aware that gaming laptop has low battery life. A su stuff a 15 also has an average usage time, the laptop can last up to four hours on single charge if you are using it for basic usage like browsing and doing your day to day tasks. Playing games for longer hours will further affect the usage time and it will only last for around one and a half hours the laptop has ticked all the boxes, whether it’s design, processor, performance and overall look if you are looking for a quality laptop with good looks and amazing performance, then you should surely go for a su stuff a 15 your favorite brand Lenovo has finally arrived on our list. Lenovo ideapad l 340 is a blend of

performance and design where you will get all the exclusive features. The design of the laptop is top notch where you get a tough metallic body with a backlit keyboard. The enlarged touchpad ensures the operating comfort of the laptop so the laptop comes fitted with an Intel I 79750 Hf processor that has a basis speed of 2.6 gigahertz and can clock up to a maximum speed of 4.5 gigahertz the device runs on the latest windows 10 operating system. So guys in terms of storage, you get combination of SSD and HDD storage that device has 256 GB SSD and one TB HDD storage that can store all your data in GB RAM coupled with Nvidia GTX 1654 gb graphics card makes it gaming heaven for gamers the display of the device has been crafted keeping in mind your icon for that device comes with 15.6 inch HD antiglare display that supports 1920 into 1080 pixel resolution. Lenovo has equipped the device with vintage II care mode that reduces the blue light emission the battery life of the laptop is decent and can offer you nine hours of battery life.

When Once fully charged. nine hours of usage time can be extended if you are using the device moderately the lightweight and performance which laptop offers you some quality features which are hard to neglect under the 80 k INR Barrett, this can be smart buy for you if you are hunting for the best in the market. So guys, that’s it for today. Hope you have enjoyed a lot. If you do please do considering subscribing liking and sharing our channel. And if you want to follow me on Instagram you can follow me Suliman on hi fi Thank you

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