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Best Fitness Bands Under 3000 Rs in India 2021 Best Fitness Bands in India

Getting a budget friendly specs packed fitness band is a golden ticket to a healthier lifestyle. No wonder fitness bands are the most sought after electronic gadgets. Moreover, fitness bands are lightweight and compact, making them perfect for everyday use. Some even come with additional app functionalities and multiple form factors.

What’s more, they also have a better battery life than smartwatches. Picking the right fitness band under 3000 or any budget requires a lot of consideration as no one wants to invest in the wrong product. And that’s exactly why in this video I am going to show you some of the best fitness bands under 3000 that you can buy. So guys, this is sullavan Han and let’s start

so the first one in our list is am I smart band buy Am I smart but five, with some minor changes from its predecessor arrived two months back in this circuit with features like automatic activity detection and personal activity intelligence of the band has caught the attention of tech geeks Xiaomi does not generally make any major change in the design of their bands and you can expect the same from EMI smart pan five. The watch has a similar design where you get an oval shaped display alongside interchangeable straps. The build quality of the band feels sturdy and you can afford to spend your money on the gadget The band has 1.1 inches full touch emulate display that produces crisp clear images.

The touch response of the display is quick and smooth, making it user friendly. The display is fairly visible under the direct sunlight and you do not need to strain your eyes show me band always has an impressive battery backup Am I smart band five can last for 14 days on a single charge. The introduction of magnetic charging is a fresh change done by show me where you can charge the band with the help of magnetic dock Am I smart band five comes with 11 professional sport modes that includes yoga and rope skipping 580 water resistant makes it an ideal partner for sports like swimming. Spending under 3000 will be a money saving be for you if you are planning to buy one of the best fitness band under 3000.

So the next one in our list is Samsung Galaxy effect Samsung Galaxy if it can be your best companion for a fitness tracker. This fitness band is loaded with features and can offer you the best value for each Penny spent this best fitness band and the 3000 is light in weight that weighs around 15 grams and is made up of a removable strap or that can be easily removed when you want the band comes with a strong build quality and is easy to carry on your wrist by going out for a walk, jog or running the fitness band comes in black and white display options that are visible in all kinds of lighting conditions Samsung Galaxy if it has a p OLED display of 0.74 inch with a resolution of 128 into 64 pixels. Though the band is not a touchscreen band it offers impressive contrast controls the band comes with a 70 image battery that can fully charge your device within two hours. Once charged. You do not need to charge the device for six days and can use the band without any interruption at a price tag of 2000 INR with excellent fit and finish decent battery backup and solid build quality Samsung Galaxy if it can be your best fitness bands under 3000.

So the next one in our list is honor band five Next up we have honor band five which is a successor of honor band for the band comes with impressive and stylish design and so much to offer in terms of features. If you’re looking for the best fitness band under 3000, which is loaded with features then honor band five can be a perfect choice. Honor band five comes with a sleek and ultra thin design that can enhance your overall look. The strap of the band is made up of silicon material that makes it lightweight and easy to carry the devices designed to fit in every kind of risk. Whether it’s a skinny guy or a strongly build guy. The clip on mechanism makes it easy to put on the pan honor band five has an eminent display of 0.95 inches that comes with a six axis sensor that supports 214 to 120 pixels resolution. This sensor is quite helpful for swimmers as it can help them to identify their main swimming strokes, swimming speed, calories burned, and distance covered while swimming.

You can easily control all the notifications and calls with a single Attach the honor five band comes with a 110 lithium ion battery that can last for 14 days continously on a single charge, it will take one hour and 30 minutes to charge your battery from zero to 100%. The band has bluetooth v 4.2 protocol and M four core technology that makes its battery efficient and effective. The fitness band is highly recommended for sportsmen as it comes with the best technology to assist them in their sport. It has a decent display and features a powerful battery so it could be a very good buy if you are planning to buy a mid range fitness band. So guys, that’s it for today. Hope you have enjoyed a lot. If you do please do considering subscribing and sharing . Thank you so much

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