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Asus Vivobook S14 with Ryzen 4700U Review with Pros & Cons

Hi guys, we’ll be doing the review for this asus vivobook s 14 that I had unboxed about a month ago. And guys I had mentioned to you that it was having some bias issues. So about two weeks ago, I got this BIOS update. And now the sleep issues have been fixed, I won’t go into every aspect of this device. Because I’ve covered most of the aspects in my unboxing video, I’ll leave the link. And also just last week, I had done a comparison of this one with Intel laptop. So again, you can check out for performance.

Also, in this video, I’ll just quickly divided between pros and cons, what I liked and what I didn’t like, because I don’t want to make it a 15 minute video, because I’ve got most of the other aspects in my earlier video, the links will be there in the description. So let’s talk about the pros and cons. This is the laptop as you can see. And I would say this is a pretty stylish shell laptop. And it looks more expensive than it is it comes in two variants, the ryzen five with a 4500, you will be for 16,000 This is the ryzen seven with 4700. You This is 10,000 mode for 70,000. Again, I’ll leave the links available on Amazon and link the links in the description. So again, I will say it’s pretty stylish, and also have some chamfered edges.

So it looks good. And this is having the ryzen seven this specific model. And also, as you saw, we have that fingerprint scanner at the fingerprint scanner works very well. And it also has an SSD. And I would say when it comes to performance, I would say the performance is very good. This is I travel guys, those tendon light kind of thing. This is not the thinnest or the lightest, it weighs 1.4 kilo grams, but it’s still Ultrabook it has a 15 watt. What do you say? CPU that’s the AMD ryzen 740 700. You have man, the performance of this chip is blazingly fast, it’s one of the fastest, what do you say Ultrabook that have tested again, here are some of the benchmarks that I have around for example, cinebench ar 15 CD, which are 20 and others, as you can see, and as you can see blazingly fast performance one of the fastest Ultrabook.

Thanks to that, what do you say ryzen 740 700 view that it has moving to other storage, it has a 512 gigabyte SSD and I was just running the What do you say crystaldiskmark. Here, I would say the SSD test, okay, but it’s not among the fastest. If you see the score guys, you are we are getting about close to about 1500 in terms of read speeds. And this is not the fastest the fastest SSD is go around closer to about 3000 figure. But again, for normal users, this is plenty fast Have you done video editing with this one. So again, it’s not the fastest SSD. But again, it’s good enough I would say for most users coming to the software, this runs on Windows 10 home that has been started. And I like the fact that it also has office 365 human student lifetime license.

So again, you have all the tools like word etc, you have access to that. And it’s licensed that you’re getting lifetime license, so you don’t have to worry about all those things. So that’s actually a nice thing. Now moving to another thing is that going to Wi Fi, the Wi Fi performance was also very good. It supports obviously five gigahertz AC, but this also supports the new Wi Fi six so it’s sort of future proofed. Also, some of the laptops are still coming with the older Wi Fi AC that’s known as Wi Fi this supports the Wi Fi six so that’s actually nice. And another thing that I noticed with this laptop is the general performance is actually really good on this laptop in my day to day usage and regular works and all those things it performed brilliantly even when I had multiple tabs open etc I had no issues with this one so that way I would say it performed very well and I like the fact that to the fans do not come on frequently on this when I was doing just regular work in office writing some documents some excellent work and regular browsing and stuff. General stuff that you do the fans never came up so even when you’re working at the fans do not come up on this laptop.

That’s actually a nice thing because I was surprised because this has ample power. And I was worried that the fans will run constantly and we we issue but happy to say no fan noise whatsoever and regular usage. Yes. When I was continuously running benchmarks, or doing very heavy video editing, the fans do come up but it’s not very, very large. I would say in that area also, it’s actually good. And I would say a pizza quite a bit less compared to most other laptops. So the thermals have been done well on this one never had got even when I was doing heavy video editing, never. I would say it got uncomfortable hot. So that was a nice thing coming to talk but again, it’s the standard Windows. What do you say?

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