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The Chief Minister of UP who put Amitabh Bachchan in the dock

There were two such chief ministers in UP who altered the politics of India. The first was Chaudhary Charan Singh and another was Vishwanath Pratap Singh i.e. VP Singh. Charan Singh was a peasant leader and VP was the leader of the Raj Bhara who was known as the leader of the poor.

In the Congress party, VP became the Chief Minister of UP. At the time there was a huge terror of the bandits in UP. The VP had promised that when the bandits were unable to complete, then we would resign. But sadly, the judge murdered his judge brother just. Even though it unknowingly happened. However, the VP has resigned.

VP Singh is regarded as one of the three leaders that left a decisive turn in the Congress vote bank. LK Advani and Kanshi Ram also grabbed the upper castes and Dalits in the Congress in the Congress. However, VP also led the OBC in the Congress. And since that time, Congress hasn’t managed to overcome this in UP.

They were great at reading. VP himself stated in his interview with Rambahadur Rai who”I needed to become a scientist but I came to politics” needed to come. They came from the wealthy family of Purvanchal. A fantastic candidate could end up being a fantastic candidate for any celebration. Before that, he was Union President at UP College of Banaras in 1947-48. Be the leader at Allahabad University Later in 1957, the Bhoodan movement was also busy. Offer your property in a donation. The case till the courtroom.

In 1936 VP was adopted by King Bahadur Rai Gopal Singh of Manda. Following the passing of Bahadur Rai in 1941, VP was made Manada’s 41st King.

After coming to Congress, their prestige started to grow In 1969, he attained the UP Assembly for the first time. This was the period when resistance against Indira had united. Otherwise, it would have been quite bad. In the age of crisis, everyone had seen it is sometimes necessary to be united. A good deal of leaders left Congress but stayed VP.

Lok Sabha elections in the nation in 1980 and assembly elections in UP were held. At exactly the exact same time, VP began making the image of the individual fighting for the poor. In precisely the identical sequence in May 1980, bye-elections in Banda’s Tindawari assembly seat were held. VP publicized Rajendra Singh on the bullet Chief Minister didn’t have government benefits. I’ve been preaching on two wheels, not four wheels, due to the minimum expenditure.

In Uttar Pradesh, the terrorism of the dacoits had improved a lot. The group of Phoolan Devi was also working at roughly the exact same time. VP made the guarantee to the public that when the bandits were unable to complete, I would resign. But an unfortunate event occurred. They moved to the jungle to go to Although it happened. The bandits didn’t have the notion they were the Chief Minister’s brother.

In 1984, Indira Gandhi was assassinated. Next, Rajiv Gandhi became the Prime Minister of the Nation. VP Singh was the finance minister in the Rajiv Gandhi government and after the Defense Minister. But new people in Rajiv’s government had come too much. The previous leaders did not match the situation. VP also had a dispute. It was believed that VP believed himself worthy of the Prime Minister’s post and was endowed with the inner dream inside. Rajiv’s supporters began filling their ears. It’s said that the VP had advice that lots of Indian foreign banks are accumulating plenty of money. On this, VP appointed an American intelligence agency Fairfax.

Meanwhile, Sweden made an information public in 1987 which 410 firearms of Bofors deal with India, where Rs 64 crore has been given a commission. Now, this became the major news in the Indian press. It was known as the Bofors scandal. It names of many Congress leaders such as Rajiv Gandhi, Amitabh Bachchan Famous King Mr. Gandhi was a big setback for Rajiv Gandhi’s government. The opposition said that the Rajiv government was doing left and right from the investigation. He also obtained relief from the court. However, this was the only event for VP when it might have been revealed itself apart from Rajiv Gandhi. VP opened the front against Rajiv.

It had been spread in the people who Bofors guns weren’t good, they were purchased in the brokerage. Rajiv’s government is corrupt. However, no direct allegation against Rajiv has been proven. In 1987, VP was ousted in the Congress. Now VP has set Rajiv from the public’s court. VP said that the quantity of Bofors brokerage was deposited in the overseas bank named Lotus. Living with pupils in VP elections The youth got the chief who spoke about fighting corruption. Even sitting on the VP bicycle, you get out.

When resigning from Congress, he said,
What will you buy me
I am absolutely free.

However, no party got a majority. Then the VP formed a coalition government at the center, which was supported by the Bharatiya Janata Party and the left parties on the other side. However, this National Front government couldn’t run over 11 months. Following the arrest of BJP leader LK Advani during the Ratha Yatra in 1991, the party has formed VP The withdrawal of the Singh government’s support was removed.

“I became prime minister and then thought it was a wicked thing. Consequently, if there’s a debate over this question then it’ll be better”. VP Singh (Times of India)

While being the Prime Minister, VP Singh did the job that nobody believed. Nobody wanted to touch it. The government of VP Singh implemented it. This choice has shaken India’s Profession structure. All this was a change-making choice. From here, Kanshiram emerged from Mulayam Singh Yadav and BSP in UP. The politics of UP has shifted.



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