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Shame that we are living in the era of Salman Khan and Kapil Sharma

I don’t know what people think when we look at people working in the media. Maybe it is, we avoid pressing a statement by showing the media card. I don’t know who pays to anybody. News How Aims Are or How PR Businesses Work But I understand what the journalist or writer’s duty is. We write down the things which are in our thoughts fearlessly-say. Even if you and I don’t have one view, but if I really have a terrible film, how do I tell him nicely?

From where I’m watching, the amusement site Spotboy-E’s editor Vicky Lalwani did exactly the same. If you don’t know the literal meaning of the review, it’s thought of as seen to see anything like we had been studying it. Knowing his techniques in detail Anything is appreciated, it’s not reviewed. But Kapil doesn’t have such a mentality he can comprehend this. Kapil saw terrible popularity in less time. And they’re not the only individuals who get such popularity. The airplane can also be flying with shock, but flies into the air and becomes stable in an altitude. Stability is essential after attaining the height Because even 1 time comes when you can’t stand high. However, you have sufficient space to fall. Each time I see Kapil Sharma’s comedic comedies, I believed that he couldn’t fall further.

Because even after the time comes But you have sufficient space to fall whenever I see Kapil Sharma’s comedic comedies, I believed that he couldn’t fall further. That there was no civilization of comedy. But Kapil’s collapse came when he called Vicky Lalwani and stated he would rap his sister and mother. Rather than stating Kapil’s words, it’s really bad, that knowing that my mom is analyzing it, I’m also shy about writing it.

Kapil called Vicky and stated that Wiki’s daughter wants to sleep with Kapil and when Wiki desires money then sell her daughter. After I apologize to Kapil’s anti-female, inhuman humor, then why should I apologize for the fact he talked about sexual abuse towards his daughter, mother, and sister, to reveal down a man. If Kapil is afflicted by Vicky also, then his revenge would be complete only by violence against women of the household of Wiki? When will Kapil’s head, who teaches the people of India a fresh India lesson? When Kapil started abusing Wiki on Twitter, before that he abused the press for the fact he was making bad men like Salman bad. And the press was quite comfortable selling it comfortably.

Salman’s public relations group is a really good PR. Salman is a title which takes the people of the nation so intimately that they call them’brother’. And I don’t even state with the claim that each allegation made by Aishwarya Rai is going to be true. But Salman reached his home and drunk his doorway, he’d accepted this thing from the media itself. After that, he didn’t state that his action was wrong. He explained that he and Aishwarya are in the relationship and in such a connection, such conflicts continue to run.

Remember that while performing training for the movie’Sultan’, he had been Salman, who’d raped himself. I wanted to ask Salman if he had an injury and depression for a life after training? Did he want to end his life? Did they see people with poor eyes because their’respect’ has been robbed? Because this occurs after the rape of women. We believe male virginity inversion. As darkness isn’t identified without light, it’s vital to set up a virginity to damage femininity. Therefore, Kapil doesn’t feel bad about saying that he’ll feign a person’s mother. But Kapil hasn’t yet opened pants’ zipper or top buttons.


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