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Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster 3, Movie Review

Why did Sanjay Dutt and Chitrangda Singh do this movie, is the first thought that comes to mind right in the first 20 minutes? Yes, you know it from the word’Go’ this movie isn’t going anywhere.

The film starts with the title Rahul Mitra on display, written in bold. A green thing comes flying and settles between’ and’r’ to become’t’. Numerology is damned if Mitra, err, Mittra believed it would help him. Worse still, Mittra’s self-obsession persists. He hogs the limelight in several frames with Kabir Bedi and Deepak Tijori, brought alive from the days of old. Thank Jesus he does not speak much.

Mr. Dutt, you’re a fine actor. Please get cracking with scripts that are right, you’re definitely making some terrible choices. Are these entirely your choices? Your first word in the movie is’vodka’! And every other scene you get up to walk away, while we’re exposed to a chant of’He’s the Baba. Can you by any chance dissociate in the movie after viewing it a week before its launch, else why did not we see you promoting it well enough?

Chitrangda Singh has a couple of lines in her entry scene, but her attitude drains out instantly as she’s relegated to playing second fiddle to Mahie Gill. Goes unnoticed thereafter and you forget that she is the heroine.

Mahie Gill tries hard to exude sensuousness but falls flat on the floor, only to get up and tell her husband Jimmy Sheirgill (numerology again?) That there is a baby in her womb that’s the results of the’Bang, Bang, Thank you Ma’am’ on the floor, which hurt her since Jimmy left her in the throes of sleep inappropriately dressed.

While Sheirgill’s numerologist can’t save this movie, we wonder why did not he advise him not to touch it with a barge pole?

Deepak Tijori may have experienced the most happening party, last night.

Kabir Bedi wants us to erase his debonair pictures which remain in our memory. Any specific reason? Well, Bedi, we can definitely meet and speak.

Rahul Mittra, you want to apologize for believing that we’re struck by your additional T and your regular appearances on screen. Tigmanshu Dhulia who captained the sunk ship should return the ticket price of each moviegoer who lands up to see this movie. Is this the identical Dhulia who led Paan Singh Tomar and Haasil, or did Mittra forcibly take away his director’s hat?

And pray, why is everyone looking so exhausted from the movie? What a waste of time and resources, and needless to say, reviewing.

I would’ve gone with TWO, had Dhulia not left the message at the conclusion that SBAG 4 will be made. Jimmy has told Mahie he will kill her the day she delivers their infant, but Mahie goes into labor and runs off with the child as Jimmy drills in his backyard, just to pause and ask’Koi hai?’! Continue to work out in your loo as opposed to head for this backyard of a stench.


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