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This is the enthusiastic story of the Muslim family, the nation will compel the film to see these things

Tapshee Pannu and Rishi Kapoor’s well-known movie’Mulk’ are already in the limelight before launch. The controversial vital issue like Hindu-Muslim has been demonstrated in the movie’Mulk’. As a result of this, there have been many controversies over the movie, but now we tell you about what’s special about this film.

Rishi Kapoor and Tapi Pannu will be understood in another strong role in the forthcoming film Nation in August this year. Its teaser was launched, which adds lots of suspense to the film. This film is a courtroom drama.

In the country, Rishi Kapoor has been shown as an old Muslim. They are accused of treason. Tapasi Pannu is fighting his case in court. Before that, during the filming of Tapasi Pink, in the court scene. Aside from Sage and Tapi from the Nation, Pratik Babbar, Manoj Pahwa, Rajat Kapoor, Ashutosh Rana and Nina Gupta are also seen.

These films, published on August 3, are taken in Benaras and Lucknow. It has been written by Mushtaq Sheikh and produced. This film is about the dilemma of religion. The dialogue of Tapi from the film is going to be heard,” On an alphabet newspaper, the map does not divide the targets, the nation is divided by colours, by language, by faith.” Rishi, who is facing allegations of sedition, says, I’m not a traitor. The slogans appear as they return to Pakistan.


The special characteristic of the film ‘Mulk’ is that each one of its characters was crafted in very beautiful beauty. At exactly the exact same time, these figures have played their role well. In Muslim household, every personality from Hindu Bahu (Tapi Pannu) into Dashan Javed (Rajat Kapoor) who’s investigating the Muslim militant has been presented in an excellent way on the screen.

Since the majority of Bollywood movies are based on Indo-Pak battle or some other riot But this isn’t so with the film mulk’. This story is truly based on the lost honour of a Muslim family, which must be defamed in the area and society because of the terrorist son of the home (Pratik Babbar).

‘Prove my love for my country’ and’Who gave me the best to welcome me in my home’, aside from the story of the nation, such enormous diagonals of this film will also have the ability to win the hearts of the audience. Ashutosh Rana’s dialogues are also quite powerful in the movie.

Until now, all people have seen a glamorous (twin 2), Rove Agent (name Shabna) or an indigenous woman living in the home (Pink). It’s interesting to see Tapasya as a lawyer. Taapsee has played his attorney character very well.

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