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Maharashtra closes on ninth August, government caution following 2 long periods of Maratha development

The government is now cautious when the Maharashtra Maratha movement closed on 9th August. Two decades of Maratha motion have been completed on 9th August. On this event, Maratha organizations declared the closure of Maharashtra on 9th August. The gross Maratha people have asked individuals to purchase public utility items on August 8. There’s an appeal for assistance from the common man from the motion.

The assembly of office bearers and coordinators of associations linked to Maratha movement was convened in Aurangabad on Wednesday. Parli and Navi Mumbai are stored away from the walls. The main reason for this is that the violence being told last week. Government workers in the state have declared a three-day strike. The last day of the motion on Thursday 9th August is the last day, and the identical Maratha agitators have announced the Maharashtra Bandh. The violence in the country has been ongoing for the past 21 days.

Praveen Gaikwad of Sambhaji Brigade stated,”On Thursday 9th August, we have called for a peaceful closure.


The Bombay High Court has appealed to the Maratha community to prevent violence or suicides in demand for reservations in government jobs and education. A bench of Justice Ranjit More and Justice Anuja Prabhudesai explained that the city must recall that the High Court has taken cognizance of the situation. The court likewise coordinated the Maharashtra State Backward Classes Commission to finish the activity job of matching the data associated with the socio-economic condition of the community, their investigation and submitting their recommendations to the state government as soon as possible.

The Indian Trade Union Center (CITU) has arranged a jail bharo motion on 9th August in various parts of India, together with laborers-farmers and farm laborers, taking the motto’Quit India Modi Government’. According to the organization president Ashok Banerjee, this motion in Mumbai begins at 5 pm Churchgate railway station. In the Hutatma Chowk, the marches will bring the protestors.


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